Flag Counter don't talk to me about homestuck


1. you should probs be following me but I’m not going to judge you. So I guess you don’t really have to be following me. But it’d be nice 
2. you MUST like this post! Reblog if you want your name to be entered more than once (however, names won’t go in more than five times)
3. there will be 2-3 winners depending on enthusiasm (If this post gets 30 or less notes, there will be only ONE winner.)
4. Contest ends July 31st! I can try to ship anywhere, but countries outside of Canada and the States may take longer! (Canadian post is slow. real slow.) Shipping will only start around August 20th, I’ll contact you once the package is shipped.
5. If you have any questions feel free to message me, or email me at verylastday@hotmail.com! This is my first time doing a giveaway so it might not go smooth!


1. Your game OR book of choice
2. Your choice between the handmade Zacharie Mask, Hello Kitty beanie baby, handmade baby mushroom plush and Bereznoff hand pupett. 
3. Your choice of jewellery between the unicorn ring, two birds ring and kuromi necklace
4. Free  HOMESTUCK drawing by yours truly

Second Place:
1. Second pick of one game OR book
2. Bento bag, onigiri maker and virgin mary toast stamper
3. Free HOMESTUCK drawing by yours truly!

1. Assorted adorable buttons
2. Free HOMESTUCK drawing by yours truly!

all drawings will be whatever you request! I’m fine drawing most things as long as it isn’t anthrostuck or anything too fetishy!

OK have fun!
I also apologize that I can’t give away some cooler homestuck loot, I’m not employed and money is hard to come by, so all I can afford are shipping costs. Drawings will not be printed, they will be delivered to you digitally by email. I also retain the right to cancel the give away if need be, but hopefully it won’t come to that!
* the games are used btw